DSB Hovedløselille // Reaper

Client: DSB
Creative agency: Very Agency
Production company: Uitch Iscratch
Animation studio: Animatrix

Hovedløselille (Headless) is a social campaign created by Danish creative agency VERY for a Denmark railway company DSB. We have produced these comical films with a yet serious underlying message to be aware of the common safety problems that the DSB often encounter in collaboration with the production company U Itch I Scratch and Director Gaute Hesthagen. Animatrix covered the entire animation production process, from first storyboard sketches to a final result. We share with you the first film called Reaper. Be careful out there and enjoy our work!

Final clip
Rendered image
Rendered image
Rendered image
Rendered images
Animation - sequence 2, shot 4
Rendered images
Animation - sequence 2, shot 6
Rendered images
Animation - sequence 2, shot 11
Rendered images
Animation - sequence 2, shot 15
Village centre concept art
Village train station concept art
Business man & Reaper concept art
Crowd characters line up
Producer: Kate Kagawa
Director: Gaute Hesthagen
Animation producer / Production manager: Dovydas Vilkelis
Art director / Animation supervisor / Lead animator: Tomas Juchnevic
Characters & environments design: Giedrius Kriaučiūnas, Goodname Studio
Characters modelling / texturing: Kotryna Meškauskaitė, Šarūnas Atkočaitis, Anton Rutkovskij
Character rigging: Tomas Juchnevic, Marius Michailovskis, Kotryna Meškauskaitė
Environments modelling / texturing: Šarūnas Atkočaitis, Kotryna Meškauskaitė
Animation: Tomas Juchnevic, Algis Taujanskas, Rita Ankskaitė
Shading / lighting: Marius Michailovskis
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